Make a young driver insurance claim

Car accident or theft of car

If you’ve been in an accident or your car’s been stolen call 0345 999 8888^.

Before you call make sure that you have these details handy:

  • name and address of the policyholder along with the policy number
  • details of the claim including the date of the incident, how the incident occurred, the damage caused, property lost and any injuries sustained
  • the registration number of the vehicle, the name and address of the driver, contact and insurance details from the other party involved (e.g. name, address, telephone number, name of insurer and policy number), contact details for any witnesses to the incident and police station address, crime reference or incident number if relevant.

Windscreen claims

If your windscreen, window or sunroof glass (other than glass roof panels) is damaged, call our appointed windscreen specialists to arrange repair or replacement on 0800 587 6887^.


If you’ve added RAC Breakdown to your policy and you’ve broken down, call 0333 202 1867^

Before you call, please have these details ready:

  • your car registration number
  • your location
  • what you think the problem might be.

Gadget claims

If electronic equipment is damaged as a result of an accident or stolen whilst in your vehicle and you have purchased the gadget cover optional extra, call Supercover on 0203 794 9297^.

Key claims

If you’ve lost your keys and you have the key cover add-on, call Motorplus on 0333 241 9574^.

The smartbox can track your stolen car

It contains a tracker that can be activated to find out where your car is log on to your dashboard to find out how to do this.