Named driver discount

Being a named driver on a policy could mean that you won’t build up your own no claim discount, but if you’ve been a named driver on a Co-op Car Insurance policy for 12 months, you can get a named driver discount if:

  • the policy is still active, or it finished in the last 12 months
  • you’re 20 or over
  • you haven’t claimed on any policy for an accident or damage you’ve caused
  • you haven’t had any motoring convictions in the last four years, including ones that are pending. We don’t count parking offences or just one speeding offence, though.

The amount of the discount we offer will depend on the number of claim free years you’ve had in a row since you were 19, up to a maximum of 3 years and it can only be used on a Co-op Car Insurance policy.

To claim named driver discount please have these details handy when you apply:

  • Co-op Insurance policy number on which you’re a named driver, or the car’s registration number
  • the number of full, claim-free years you’ve had in a row (up to a maximum of three), since you were 19.

Please be sure the details are right, otherwise the cost of your policy could change after it’s started.

Named driver discount qualifying criteria

This benefit cannot be transferred to other companies. Renewal documentation will only show the amount of NCD the named driver has earned on their own policy.

This benefit is not available if the named driver (or any other drivers included on the new policy) have been convicted of a motoring offence in the last four years or have a prosecution pending (parking offences or a single speeding offence per driver will be ignored).

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with the existing ‘introductory NCD scheme’. Policyholders can claim an amount of NCD from one or the other, whichever gets the most discount, but a combination of the schemes is not to be used in calculating the amounts.

Please note that the no claim discount earned can only be used on one policy at a time, it cannot be shared across two policies.

If the policy is cancelled before the end of the policy year, no discount will be earned for that year.