Smartbox, the black box insurance plan

We want to reward young drivers who are safe on the road – and smartbox means we can. It measures your individual driving style, so you can earn discounts for driving safely (called safer driving discounts).

It’s a small and compact box, about the size of a mobile phone. We install it inside your car, out of sight.

How does smartbox work?

It works like a sat nav or GPS but records the way you drive.

What does smartbox record?

Once it’s installed, smartbox collects four different types of driving data to measure how safe your driving is - we call these safe driving parameters:

  • your average speed on different types of roads
  • how fast and hard you accelerate or brake
  • what time of day you drive the car
  • how fast you take corners.

How can smartbox help me save money?

We work out your safer driving score every 90 days using the data the smartbox collects. Depending on your score, you could earn a safer driving discount.

Can I track my performance?

Your personalised online dashboard lets you track your performance for each of the four safe driving parameters at any time. You’ll also find tips to help you improve your driving and your driving score.

Driving is assessed every 90 days. Your premium may go up as well as down dependent on your driving score throughout the year - but will never increase by more than 20% over the course of the year.